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A blackhead occurs when there is an over-production of sebum or oil in a skin follicle or pore. This oil traps dead skin cells and bacteria which hardens and forms a plug. Over time, this plug attracts dirt and becomes dark in colour. Left untreated, a blackhead can become infected. This is the next stage of acne where a pustule may form. The key to clear skin is clear pores.

Many creams and solutions claim to remove blackheads but the hardened plug must be physically removed.

Using fingers to remove blackheads requires repeated squeezing because the fingertips are very large compared to the blackhead. This repeated squeezing can lead to scarring and/or infection.

The spoon excavator type of blackhead remover requires 'digging' into the skin causing redness and possible scarring. It is also difficult to tell whether the hole has been positioned directly around the blackhead. If not done accurately, the blackhead may be pushed further into the skin.

Squeezit's small rubber tips pinpoint the blackhead reducing the amount of manipulation of the skin making it very effective at blackhead removal. The spongy rubber tips minimize pain and redness. The scraper attachment makes it very easy to remove blackheads from hard-to-reach areas such as the corners of the nose. Disinfecting the rubber tips before and after each use also minimizes the chance of infection.


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Got a blackhead?....SQUEEZIT!    WATCH HOW

'Squeezit's soft, rubber tips remove blemishes safely and effectively without the bruising and scarring of facials and other blackhead removers'


The Buzz!

“I’ve bought so many expensive creams that claimed to clear up blackheads only to be disappointed. The Squeezit cleared them fast and easy.”

Fargo, North Dakota

“I have tried everything to get rid of my blackheads, including strips. After using Squeezit, my skin is clear especially around the corners of my nose.”

Vancouver, Canada


How To Steam

Fill a bowl or pot with steaming hot water. Position face no less than 12” from water to prevent scalding. Drape towel over head and steam to open pores for 8-10 min.


Step 1:

Insert fingers into fingerloops & place rubber tips gently on either side of blemish. lightly push against the skin & bring the rubber tips together.


Step 2:

Insert fingers into fingerloops & place rubber tips gently on either side of blemish. lightly push against the skin & bring the rubber tips together.


For Hard To Reach Areas:
use the scraper attachment for areas such as the corners of the nose


1. Position SqueeZit parallel to the skin surface with the edge of the scraper attachment pressed firmly against the skin.
2. Pull the tip of the nose away from the SqueeZit so that skin is stretched. 3. Slide the scraper attachment over blackheads while continuing to press firmly into skin.
Following the removal of a blemish apply disinfectant lotion to the treated area, as well as the rubber tips.

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